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Love is...

I believe this is a parody of those "Love Is" cartoons seen on posters in the London Underground:

(via substitute@LJ)

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Posted by: substitute Thu Mar 25 14:52:58 2004

I'm not sure what's in the London underground, but I was parodying the dreadful "Love Is.." cartoons that have been running in the States my whole life, using my Paxil bottle. Glad you liked it!

Posted by: acb Fri Mar 26 08:02:03 2004

Well, when I was last in London, there were posters all over the Tube titled "love is", illustrating proper commuter behaviour with cartoons of a little boy and girl. "Love is... not leaving bags unattended/not eating smelly food/not blocking the escalators" and so on.

Posted by: Graham Fri Mar 26 13:04:01 2004

You're not familiar with the kitsch cartoons, then?

Posted by: El Bizarro Mon Mar 29 00:44:45 2004

I can give you something for that...

I remember those god awful posters in the London Underground. If I needed anything else to cement my loathing of the world's worst city, that was it.

I also remember being stuck in weird country towns in QLD where the only cartoon in the local advertising rag was "Love is..."

Posted by: acb Mon Mar 29 01:22:42 2004

The local advertising rag wasn't that murdoch that makes the Herald-Sun look like the Guardian on a good day, was it?

Posted by: Graham Mon Mar 29 08:53:18 2004

Naked forms without genitalia. Very disturbing.