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Tiny Mix Tapes

The Automatic Mix Tape Generator is a service which makes mix tapes to order; you send in a style, emotion, mood, event or other constraint, and the robot (or, actually, a contributor) sends you back a track listing. It's sort of like the USENET Oracle for record geeks. And the site contains recently made mixtapes, with briefs like "Songs That I Would Listen To If I Were A Scientist In An Underwater Laboratory Somewhere Off The Coast Of Antarctica" (which, as you'd expect, contains Radiohead, Sigur Rós and GY!BE), "Music For Someone Who Wishes They Could See All The Stars At Night From The Middle Of The City", as well as universals like "Songs To Get Over Me To", "Songs For Someone Blocked By A Friend On IM For No Reason" and "Less Indie Rock, Dammit". (via FmH)

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