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The Shadow of No Towers

Art Spiegelman, the author of Holocaust graphic novel Maus, has tackled September 11:
"The work is on my feelings towards the hijacking and then the hijacking of the hijacking by the Government. I'm not so sure The New Yorker is being complacent. I'm sure I'd be welcomed back once I had found the right medication."
Spiegelman's new book is sure to cause as much, if not more, ruckus as MAUS. It depicts a government out of control, or, more chillingly, totally in control. "They had an agenda already on their mind before September 11," he says. "Drying up funds for health and education and moving the funds upward to the rich, all made more implementable by the war in Iraq."

There are 3 comments on "The Shadow of No Towers":

Posted by: Catt http:// Mon Mar 29 14:39:10 2004

Who better to tackle such a subject as the artist who used the sweeter variant of rodent to simplify the gravity of the Haulocaust? In the case of September 11, which animal could best represent the different kettle of beasties involved?

Posted by: billy http:// Tue Mar 30 05:11:08 2004

a giraffe, i think. giraffes just make sense to me.

they have eybrows and show emotions, same as dogs.

Posted by: Catt http:// Tue Mar 30 05:36:49 2004

Bingo. B.I.N.G.O.

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