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Feel the world's pain

A new application of wireless networking tailored for the bleeding-heart types of the world: WiFi-SM, which is woen by the user and delivers a painful though harmless electric shock every time a selected keyword (such as "death", "torture" or "war") appears in news sources. If you're afraid that your affluent Western lifestyle cuts you off from the true suffering of the world and diminishes your humanity, this could be for you. If it were real, that is. (Via Gizmodo)

There are 2 comments on "Feel the world's pain":

Posted by: Mikey Bidness http:// Wed Mar 31 07:01:07 2004

What does this say about me that I really, really want one?

Posted by: kmusser Wed Mar 31 10:35:21 2004

Is the default word "fnord?"

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