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Sunlight bathed the golden glow

I was walking around North Fitzroy this late afternoon, and happened to have my camera with me as I noticed the play of sunlight on a utility pole plastered with posters:

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Posted by: JM http:// Sun Apr 4 22:59:39 2004

I fail to see anything remotely interesting in these.

Posted by: gjw Mon Apr 5 00:36:09 2004


Posted by: acb Mon Apr 5 01:17:15 2004

JM: Sorry about that. Next time I'll try and get some naked chicks in the picture or something.

Posted by: mark Mon Apr 5 06:02:32 2004

While I <em>am</em> interested in the above photos, I heartily endorse the idea of you taking -- and publishing -- photos of naked chicks, Andrew.

Er, tastefully and artistically done, of course. Er, if you'd like.

Posted by: acb Mon Apr 5 13:03:24 2004

Of course.

Though, for that I'd need some volunteers. Judging by the "Females Wanted for Nude Modelling Work" flyers seen around the place (probably the work of one of those punk/goth/raver porn websites), the going rate for that sort of thing is around $100/hour. I might just stick to stencil art, urban decay and plays of light for the time being.

Posted by: Antti http:// Mon Apr 5 19:04:30 2004

I have no idea what this site is about. I think I gave google the good ole' dev:null and "I'm feeling lucky"..but hey, Life is an adventure right ?? Anyway, nude chicks == good, play with light == equally good..Play of light on nude chicks, now THAT'S art. Well, must be off, take care all! :D

Posted by: science Tue Apr 6 03:38:16 2004

i know that pole

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