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Enraged baboon

This is amusing: Prankster renames MP3s to bizarre pr0n titles, watches as hundreds of unwitting perverts download his Led Zeppelin bootlegs. Or, there are at least 172 people on the internet curious about something titled "enraged baboon fucking a nipple factory".

There are 4 comments on "Enraged baboon":

Posted by: Alex http:// Wed Apr 14 16:47:49 2004

I think pedophiles hide their stuff inside large ISOs renamed into boring things ... classy. The devil's in the checksum

Posted by: dj Thu Apr 15 05:56:38 2004

that is a funny prank, and invites similar tactics.

Posted by: acb Thu Apr 15 09:00:16 2004

I think the only explanation that makes sense is that the searchers didn't understand English. They found "fucking" and "nipple", and downloaded the file based on that. Perhaps they thought "enraged baboon" was some kind of metaphorical description of the sex act; if they knew that "nipple factory" was nonsensical, they probably wrote it off as cognitive dissonance, due to their poor English comprehension.

Posted by: Graham Thu Apr 15 13:13:54 2004

my nipples explode with delight!

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