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Films about loser artists

This evening, I rented and watched the following two DVDs:

The night before, I watched Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (which was amusing; it took the memoirs of a delusional former TV personality and used them as a vehicle for clever-dick scriptwriter Charlie Kaufman to play with the ways that being a 1960s game-show host and CIA assassin could interact).

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Posted by: Hot Soup Girl Mon Apr 26 04:07:48 2004

You're right on the money--as it happens, Harvey Pekar does have a blog:

Posted by: acb Mon Apr 26 05:00:09 2004

He seems to have stopped updating it though.

Posted by: Ben Tue Apr 27 04:38:55 2004

Did you ever see that film Pollock? That and Confessions are 2 movies I must watch.