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Bootywhang roundup

From today's Odd Spot:
A survey in a German car magazine has found that male BMW drivers have sex more often than owners of any other car - 2.2 times a week. Porsche owners have sex the least - 1.4 times.

...meanwhile, low-status individuals who don't own cars have little or no sex. Or perhaps, to quote Alex Torres, "Snazzy cars. Helping losers have sex since 1895."

On a tangent, a professor of creative writing recounts evading the seductive wiles of hordes of young, flirtatious female students, either after a good grade or, allegedly, the coming-of-age ritual of "doing the prof". For some reason, this doesn't seem to happen very much in computer-science institutions.

There are 7 comments on "Bootywhang roundup":

Posted by: Ben Tue May 4 00:43:00 2004

Creative writing, indeed.

Posted by: datakid http:// Tue May 4 01:03:59 2004

Man, that was a boring as all hell about creative one else could've attempted's not an interesting subject...base tiillation for the ralph readers the age so desperately want's back...the woman on the front cover of A3 was quite obviously not a uni student (pigtails?)...what is it with the age and nude/semi nude women on the front cover of the lifestyle section?

Posted by: Alex Tue May 4 01:14:56 2004

Err... thanks for the quotation but I'd like to take advantage of being on the subject and letting everyone know that I find those catchphrases and the corresponding drawings embarassing as hell. I wasn't having clear thoughts when I did them.

Posted by: Graham Tue May 4 09:08:51 2004

Well, they still amuse me.

Posted by: acb Tue May 4 09:23:10 2004

And the Alex-the-Argentine-pimp character is kind of cool, in a somewhat ironic sense.

Posted by: Alex Wed May 5 15:20:51 2004

Thank you, but it's a rep I'd like to get rid of.

Posted by: acb Wed May 5 15:59:53 2004

Fair enough.