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Coronation of the King of Peace

Right-wing religious crackpot/media magnate Rev. Sun Myung Moon crowned as king/messiah in US Congress. At the ceremony were Moon's tame representatives of various religions (Catholics, Protestants, Jews and Muslims); a rabbi blew a shofar, and a congressman presented Moon with his golden crown; Moon then allegedly announced that it was time for him to be recognised as the Messiah. Apparently Moon has a thing about all religions coming together under him. (via substitute)

Chances are the coronation was a boon extracted by Moon from conservatives he has helped put in power, and a publicity stunt for his Korean constituency, and probably doesn't make the US a monarchy. Still, it's quite a leap from renting out the Lincoln Bedroom to campaign donors.

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Posted by: Graham Wed May 5 10:11:28 2004

Bah. He'll never be as good as ol' Norton.

Posted by: dj Wed May 5 13:09:35 2004

Yeah, but Norton was treated as a mad man, whereas Moon is a mad man who is treated like a king.

Posted by: Arthur Wed May 5 22:42:16 2004

...Yeah, but Norton was treated as a mad man...

Not Peter Norton (, I hope.

Posted by: dj Thu May 6 00:22:43 2004

No, Emperor Norton of the United States:

Posted by: Andrea http:// Thu May 6 13:07:30 2004

How can you treat a mad man like a king? You never know what he might do.

Posted by: mitch http:// Fri May 7 04:14:18 2004

Here's the big speech:

Posted by: mitch http:// Fri May 7 04:29:52 2004

So this, I gather, is the Unification Church ideology:

1) God wants humanity to be one big family.

2) A good family respects and obeys its elders.

3) Sun Myung Moon and his wife are the living "True Parents" of the human family.

Therefore, as a matter of deductive logic,

4) God wants the whole planet to respect and obey Sun Myung Moon and his wife.

Who says religion is illogical?

Posted by: Graham Fri May 7 16:01:08 2004

What's the difference between him and the Time Cube guy? Money.

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