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Who killed Nick Berg?

Conspiracy theories about the Nick Berg killing. They come down to (a) where did the killers get the orange jumpsuit (though I'm sure al-Qaeda's budget would extend to those if they needed them), and more seriously (b) Berg's presence on an "enemies list" of treasonous liberals who opposed the war, and (c) the identities of the hooded killers, whose white hands, build and body language are allegedly inconsistent with them being Middle Easterners -- but consistent with them being US military/paramilitary personnel. (via tyrsalvia)

There are 6 comments on "Who killed Nick Berg?":

Posted by: dr00g http:// Fri May 14 10:49:54 2004

A few U.S. sevice men have applied for transfer home after apparently coming into fortune of 1kg of gold... (see entry 2004/5/7 re: a price on your head.

Posted by: Ben http:// Sat May 15 12:06:51 2004

It was probably the Brits, I'm sure Lyndon LaRouche would back me up on that one.

Posted by: acb Sat May 15 14:51:06 2004

Those damned giant shape-shifting lizards.

Posted by: Arthur http:// Sat May 15 19:52:32 2004

Bodysnatchers (

Posted by: Ben http:// Tue May 18 01:06:41 2004

You think Phil Kaufman is to blame?

Posted by: bad bob Fri May 21 21:39:34 2004

if the death of one godamn pinko liberal comedian. can save 100 of our finest then so be it.

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