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Nick Berg conspiracy theory digest

50 suspicious things about the Nick Berg killing; from Berg's unusual circumstances (what he was doing alone in Iraq with an Israeli stamp in his passport, why he was travelling at night, his stated intention to leave, the 3 FBI visits he received whilst in custody), what exactly happened between his release from custody and capture by the killers (if he was handed over, that would have saved Osama Bin Laden from having to procure an orange jumpsuit for him), the timing of the release of the tape (which mentions the prison torture photos apparently before they were released), the increasingly implausible "al-Qaeda" assassins' builds, accents and hands, and even questions of whether the decapitated man was, in fact, Berg. Something's not what it seems. (via jwz)

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Posted by: mitch http:// Mon May 17 12:00:04 2004

5000 (2000+3000) reasons to take it at face value:

Posted by: Graham Mon May 17 13:11:58 2004

Who's Nick Berg?

Posted by: acb Mon May 17 13:58:59 2004

Isn't the NY Post a Murdoch paper? And the article just seems to say that head-chopping is a grand old Muslim militant tradition, which doesn't quite trump the fat, able-bodied, fair-skinned "al-Zarqawi" in the video or other peculiarities.

Posted by: mitch http:// Tue May 18 23:50:09 2004

Berg disappeared back when all the other hostages were taken, at the start of April:

The Abu Ghraib scandal erupted at the end of April. *That* trumps the "hand-over psy-op" theory, it seems to me.

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