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A quick review of various items which arrived at my PO box today:

I also got a copy of that CD of HP Lovecraft-themed retro fonts. Had I paid any more for it, I'd be disappointed; some of the letter spacing is a bit inconsistent, and more annoyingly, all the fonts have "HPLHS" as the style (where "Bold", "Italic" and so on should be), with the different weights and slants in each family showing up as separate faces. I suspect that the designers are not professional typographers (btw, who would call a font "Italic"?)

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Posted by: Al Hazred http:// Tue May 18 01:05:20 2004

Inconsistent letter spacing? Don't you understand that the non-angular and non-regular typeface is vastly important when dealing with the forces of the Mythos?

"Do not ye raise up that what ye can not put down"

Posted by: acb Tue May 18 04:24:09 2004

This is for fonts meant to be replicas of 1920s American newspaper/advertising type.

Posted by: Graham Tue May 18 16:08:52 2004

Well, for what it's worth, some of the kerning on P22's London Underground is a bit off too. I should probably run it through FOG. Come to think of it, I should get on and get Fontlab before the exchange rate gets any lower...

Posted by: Julio Mendez http:// Sun May 23 13:16:32 2004

Andrew, I got a bunch of Radiohead CDs if you're interested (although you've probably got them all). Hail To The Thief, Kid A and The Bends.

You know what to do if you're interested - call me (the power is still f*cked)

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