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Australia is not a Christian nation

An article from Helen Irving, associate professor of law at the University of Sydney, on why Australia's tradition is secular, not Christian, and all the Bushite culture-war bullshit coming out of the Liberal Party about Australia's religious foundations (including the "National Day of Thanksgiving" that has just been declared) and Australian law being based on the Ten Commandments) is just that. (via bizza)

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Posted by: gjw Thu Jun 3 23:51:02 2004

The fact that 60% of Australians voted against Howard's god-bothering constitutional preamble should say something. I remember, amazingly, the religious studies teacher at my christian high-school reminding us that "Australia isn't a christian country - it's a pagan country where the most popular religion is christianity".

Posted by: dj http:// Fri Jun 4 02:22:46 2004

Amen to that. ;)

Posted by: acb Fri Jun 4 04:15:55 2004

I don't mind living in a pagan country as long as we don't all have to wear black velvet and have sex with everyone else.

Posted by: Graham Fri Jun 4 08:09:14 2004

I was thinking more along the lines of the Vikings, actually...

Posted by: Raoul http:// Mon Jun 7 02:32:52 2004

They've obviously gotten too much sun. Well, maybe too much Herald-Sun.

Posted by: nkras Tue Jun 8 04:50:33 2004

Blackstone wasn't a Druid.