The Null Device hacked hax0red, by someone who left a message written in a mixture of h4x0r-d00d-l33t5p33k and hip-hop-thugese.
SHOUTOUTS: The #insub CReW, POUND EL, all my HOMIEZ in the CLINK, the SFIMC K1DZ, yourmom, ...

"all my HOMIEZ in the CLINK"? Word, you must be a bad-ass gangbanger, dog.


Looks like picked on the wrong angstpuppies for once or something.

There are 6 comments on " hacked":

Posted by: Alex Fri Jun 4 04:38:27 2004

Maybe CLINK is an abbreviation of Centrelink, Australia's social security network. Which would make it read 'all my HOMIEZ on the DOLE'.

Posted by: hep Fri Jun 4 05:52:21 2004

nah, I am changing software and decided that was more funny than UNDER CONSTRUCTIONNNN!!!!! :)

Posted by: Alex http:// Fri Jun 4 06:42:50 2004

Oh //pranked//.

Posted by: Graham Fri Jun 4 08:07:54 2004

Glock 3 returnz!

Posted by: Mike Farahbakhshian Fri Jun 4 13:43:07 2004

Hep, I still think a matrix reference would have been the crown jewel.

-- tHa ArChIt3cHt

Posted by: Wha http:// Sun Jun 6 09:34:22 2004

Dang, I miss the goths, pissed off furries, and other nuts... :(

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