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The Bilderberg group, either an informal social gathering for the world's movers and shakers or a shadowy Illuminati-like cabal, possibly comprised of shape-shifting reptilian aliens, that controls the world (depending on whom you ask), are now meeting, somewhere in northern Italy.

(I don't think that the existence of meetings of high-ranking politicians and business tycoons is a worry in itself; these sorts of things are going to happen, informally, in any system. Even communist states like the USSR and China did business with the ultra-wealthy where it suited them. Democracy and, more importantly, transparency exist to keep such things in check. (On any large scale, centralised democracy serves mainly to make elite influence over power less efficient and keep it in check, rather than any more idealistic purpose; on a large enough scale, public opinion approximates a low-pass filter on the opinions of the Rupert Murdochs of this world.) What's more worrying is the concentration of corporate control over news media and the inherent constraints on democratic discourse when mainstream media buries uncomfortable stories or issues.)

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Posted by: El Bizarro Sat Jun 5 14:18:58 2004

Those shape-shifting aliens would be the radions, from the planet radios, who through their evil macinations are slowly raising the background radiation levels to match those of their home planet. The effect of this, on us normal human beings, will be to render us stupid and susceptible to their commands, issued through their low radiation communication devices called television. Genetic engineering will enable us to withstand the eventual high levels of radiation and for us to work longer and harder in their uranium mines.

I know it sounds crazy, but it makes as much sense as anything on Fox News.

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