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AirPort Express

Once again, Apple come up with a piece of industrial design that makes one think "now that's nifty": this time, it's AirPort Express, a wireless base station, USB print server and analogue/optical audio output (for streaming iTunes audio from your Mac to your stereo/speakers), all in the form factor of one of those doovy white international power adaptors that come with PowerBooks and iPods. And it's only US$39 (which should come out at about A$70 or so). (via bOING bOING)

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Posted by: threeze Tue Jun 8 13:45:01 2004

Methinks it is closer to US$129, which knowing Apple will be about A$300.

Posted by: Stephen Thu Jun 10 08:54:25 2004

The AirTunes feature seems particularly nifty -- whether or not its $200 worth of nifty is another question.