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Mac up your PC

Mac lust knows no bounds. Now those who can't afford actual Macs can do their Windows XP PCs to look like Macs, with a set of 10 cosmetic programs, from a menu bar for the top of the screen (I wonder whether it strips the menu bars off application windows, or whether it just takes up extra space) and a dock to Aqua-style window frames and icons, giving you something that looks just like a Mac, only with the usual Windows viruses, worms and spyware. Or perhaps that looks just Maclike enough to remind you of what you're missing out on. (via bOING bOING)

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Posted by: Graham Fri Jun 11 07:15:07 2004

I'm still waiting for the Motif emulator for XP...

Posted by: acb Fri Jun 11 08:30:27 2004

I myself wouldn't mind seeing OPEN LOOK. Now that was a GUI which looked as it had been designed by a competent graphic designer, rather than a borderline-autistic engineer whose sense of aesthetics never got past "chunky shaded boxes look k3wl" (as seen in countless 1980s Commodore 64 shoot-em-ups). Pity that Sun caved in to Motif's market dominance and killed it.

Posted by: ed Fri Jun 11 13:27:21 2004

actually i run a few of those cosmetic programs - not only it is nice to get rid of 'fisher price' look of windows xp, it also makes it easier to get used to the Macs at college - if only there was a program that added an extra button to Mac mice, i wouldn't need to carry a USB mouse in my bag every day...

as for spyware - a problem, but i guess it's more user-related than OS- related. simply put, windows having the largest market share, has by far the bigger share of dumb users who open obviously suspicious-looking e-mail attachments.

Posted by: Graham Fri Jun 11 13:40:34 2004

You remember Open Look too fondly.

Posted by: acb Fri Jun 11 17:27:43 2004

Have you ever used Open Look? It was the dooviest looking GUI of its time (well, for anyone not owning one of those black magnesium NeXT cubes, anyway, and even that's debatable).

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