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Church of the Great Nothing

The Invisible Pink Unicorn. Because atheism, like all other religious orientations, needed a logo. And there are two other logos to choose from. Two of the three logos there look a bit like the Star Trek logo, which may or may not say something about the sorts of people who would wear an official atheist logo.

Meanwhile, evangelical Christianity has punk rock merchandise. (via MeFi.) How long until someone starts making "hardcore atheist skate-punk" T-shirts?

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Posted by: Reen http:// Tue Jul 6 13:39:52 2004

My boyfriend's non-deity of choice is Purple Dragon. He likes to talk to all his Christian friends about Purple Dragon's universal message of smiting and nonbelief.

Posted by: El Bizarro Tue Jul 6 13:55:34 2004

Er, do these guys actually read their bibles? Didn't Jesus throw a whole lot of their types out of the temple for whoring themselves for money in the house of the lord.

Don't get me wrong, I'm more of an Invisible Pink Unicorn guy, but I've just met one too many young christian that was in it for the bootywang. Anybody know how to spell hypocrite?

Posted by: acb Tue Jul 6 14:12:56 2004

I wonder if they'd sell "I Love Christian Boys" caps to male customers. Stereotypically gay-looking male customers.

Posted by: dj Wed Jul 7 02:01:50 2004

Or to bearded priests.

Posted by: Sombdy http:// Wed Jul 7 14:46:41 2004

I thought the atheist logo was an empty circle?

Anyways here's a page with many many atheist logos:

Posted by: atheist who http:// Sun Aug 29 05:54:54 2004

i think the empty circle is d best idea for a logo...y? one word! SIMPLICITY!

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