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(We don't need this) fascist movie thing

Leftist anti-racist groups are calling for a boycott of the Melbourne Underground Film Festival, citing organiser Richard Wolstencroft's statements professing admiration for various dictators, including Hitler and Mussolini (though also Nu Marxist idols Mao Zedong and Fidel Castro). Already, anarchist punk band CRASS have withdrawn permission for their films to screen (assuming that they gave it in the first place, which given Wolstencroft's maverick style of doing business, may not necessarily be the case). (via Rocknerd)
Speaking to The Bulletin, Wolstencroft said: I have controversial ideas about things, and I dont hide them. And sometimes I say stupid things. But I am not a racist, and Im not interested in nationalism. What he is interested in is something he calls transcendental fascism, which he stresses is non-racist and non-violent. Is it hierarchical? It is certainly not hierarchical based on anything like race, he says.
Co-founder of Loonar Watch, Shane Lyons, admits there is no proof that Wolstencroft is racist or anti-Semitic. My problem with [Wolstencroft] is that hes taking money in the form of entry fees to the festival, mostly from young film-makers, he says.

All this reminds me of the story recounted in Jon Ronson's THEM where some Canadian radical socialist types tried to cream-pie David Icke on the grounds that they could not imagine "giant lizards" could not be anything but a sneaky codeword for "Jews" (of course...) It's another example of what author Curtis White calls the Middle Mind in action; people who have gotten so used to going with the flow, delegating the thinking to the herd at large (on the subconscious assumption that someone smarter than oneself must have done it) that they have lost the ability to think for themselves, instead replacing thought with a keyword-matching mechanism for seeking out hot buttons to react against. Incidentally, it's not just the left who are guilty of this by any stretch; look at all the "patriots" in the USA who dutifully threw their Dixie Chicks CDs on bonfires because the man on Clear Channel told them to.

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Posted by: mark Tue Jul 13 12:57:34 2004

It's amazing, but there is a certain mindset that is unable to accept a new type of nutter. A... third-party nutter, if you will.

I have a dream, that one day people will be able to discount the idiotic opinions of people like Icke ("the giant lizards rule all!") or this Wolstonecroft fellow ("Fascist, but in a *good* way") without first trying to shoe-horn them into theoretical alliance with their most-hated political group.

Posted by: dj Wed Jul 14 03:45:40 2004

I read that he hadn't asked CRASS for permission to use the films.

Posted by: datakid Wed Jul 14 23:10:53 2004

did you read that curtis white book as well? seemed so interesting, and had some real laugh out loud moments, but was ultimately a bit didn't impress me that much...I guess I was too quickly distracted by the re release of read's to helll with culture...

Posted by: acb Thu Jul 15 04:30:03 2004

I'm reading it right now. Soem of it seems astute, while other bits seem somewhat naive (i.e., I doubt the central notion that the Middle Mind is a recent phenomenon, rather than just timeless human mass stupidity; secondly, he makes a false distinction between technology and its absence; humans have been a technological species since they started making flint axes and wearing clothes).

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