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Tomorrow's terrorist atrocity?

Radioactive materials stolen from university in suburban Melbourne. Is there any reason someone would want to steal radioactive materials other than to make a dirty bomb (or sell to someone who does)?

There are 3 comments on "Tomorrow's terrorist atrocity?":

Posted by: gjw Wed Jul 14 03:42:31 2004

Sounds more like they were after what they thought was in the safe rather than radioactive material. "1990s-model Holden Commodore with mag wheels" drivers can be a bit slow.

Posted by: dj Wed Jul 14 03:44:20 2004

Yeah, I was going to answer "because they had no either idea" before I even read what Grant wrote.

Posted by: mark Wed Jul 14 15:08:09 2004

Maybe they were concerned about the upcoming nuclear waste problem and wanted to "do their bit" to help, but got it slightly wrong...

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