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The quintessential Ugly American

Peter Costello has taken time out from courting religious zealots to denounce Michael Moore as an "the quintessential Ugly American" for saying bad things about the Australian Prime Minister.
"Personally, though I have no say in any of this because I'm not an Australian, I hope the Australian people throw Mr Howard and his people out of office for participating in this," Moore said.
Moore repeated his bewilderment that Mr Howard, who he described as someone with half a brain, had chosen to back Mr Bush's war plan. "What is John Howard doing in bed with an idiot?" he asked.

If, however, he was a Bush Administration official warning that there will be Consequences if Labor wins the next election, that would be perfectly alright.

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Posted by: mitch http:// Tue Aug 3 10:35:09 2004

Michael Moore takes on Bill Gates:

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