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And it's in Python too...

They Work For You, the website which makes British Parliamentary politics searchable and browsable, and, with any luck, politicians more answerable to the public affected by their decisions, has now released its complete source code. Any volunteers for putting one of these in Canberra?

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Posted by: Richard Wed Jul 21 23:04:25 2004

We're already working on it. The hard part, of course, is the parsing. We have a kick-arse parser and it copes with most stuff they throw in the Hansard. Our major difficulties come from the way the APH website is organised (how they update documents in their database) and works (or rather, doesn't - it crashes *very* frequently).

Having said that, I have a WIP Zope interface that uses what we've parsed already and it's significantly more usable than the APH website. Even with no additional features, that's been worth the effort.

Posted by: acb Thu Jul 22 03:02:59 2004

Excellent news. Who's involved in this? Is there a website in existence yet?