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Lynndie, She-Wolf of Abu Ghraib

More allegations of abuse in US-controlled military prisons, this time in Guantánamo, have emerged, with recently released British suspects claiming that they were interrogated at gunpoint and forced to pose naked.

In the dossier the Britons say the level of mental illness among detainees is higher than admitted by the US. The Tipton Three say guards told them that a fellow British detainee, Moazzam Begg, still imprisoned in Guantánamo, had been kept in isolation and "was in a very bad way". They say that Jamil el-Banna, of London, was so traumatised that "mentally, basically, he's finished".

(Forced to pose naked? Can you see the pattern? I wonder how long until there are Guantanamo-themed pr0n sites, only with naked women playing the parts of the detainees ("", where you can vote for your favourite bikini-clad she-terrorist to be sexually tortured on camera (all major credit cards accepted)?); or perhaps an "Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS"-style exploitation film about Lynndie England? The possibilities for bad taste are limitless.)

There are 2 comments on "Lynndie, She-Wolf of Abu Ghraib":

Posted by: Alex Thu Aug 5 10:31:28 2004

Certain Something Awful Goons are claiming to have slept with her. Small world.

Posted by: Graham Thu Aug 5 12:52:05 2004

Certain Goons would sleep with anything to for an e/n post, it seems...

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