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Yusuf Islam, terrorist menace

An airliner headed from London to Washington was recently diverted to Bangor, Maine, so that former folk singer Yusuf Islam could be removed and deported. Islam, formerly known as Cat Stevens and currently an outspoken moderate Muslim, is apparently on the US Department of Homeland Security's blacklist of potential terrorists. Laziness and bigotry, or do the DHS know something we don't about Yusuf Islam?

While on the subject of blacklists, millions of Americans (predominantly blacks and those from lower socioeconomic strata) are still being barred or discouraged from voting. This ranges from laws in ex-Confederate states preventing those with criminal convictions from ever voting to official letters intimidating those likely to have outstanding bills with the threat of arrest.

There are 10 comments on "Yusuf Islam, terrorist menace":

Posted by: toby http:// Fri Sep 24 01:08:55 2004

I think we'd all like to deport Cat Stevens, if only for having written Moonshadow. The US just found an excuse, I guess...

Posted by: Ben-Gurion Jacarutu http:// Sat Sep 25 02:42:45 2004

This is pretty funny. Like I was saying to someone the other day, Cat Stevens is probably the biggest Hippy Peacenik in the history of the world.

Posted by: acb Sat Sep 25 15:05:46 2004

Other than him backing the death sentence imposed on Salman Rushdie, that is.

Posted by: Ben-Gurion Jacarutu http:// Mon Sep 27 10:03:02 2004

It's not for a good Moslem to question the religious edicts of his faith.

Posted by: acb Mon Sep 27 16:35:18 2004

Islam does not have a Pope whose authority is infallible and unquestionable. The edict in question was of one particular Islamic faction, based in Iran, and not of Islam as a whole.

Posted by: Tory Ben http:// Tue Sep 28 01:28:09 2004

I'm sure individual Moslems can decide for themselves what sect they want to follow. It's not really anyone else's business. It's like when people try and get all excited about which church does or doesn't admit gay/transgender/martian/female clergy, it rarely has any impact on that person at all.

Posted by: dj Tue Sep 28 01:28:29 2004

Exactly. Like many religious edicts posing as the word of God, these things are often clearly political and are held as such even by Muslims.

Posted by: ronnie http:// Tue Sep 28 14:27:37 2004

what's wrong with all these people that leave their religion and become muslim , are they boref with thier life

Posted by: julian http:// Fri Oct 1 08:20:08 2004

Word on the Salman Rushdie, that shit is fucked up.

Posted by: Ben-Baba Ali Gazebo Sun Oct 3 03:24:17 2004

You could say that Salman Rushdie was just 15 years ahead of everyone else.

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