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Rock spider roundup

Ronnie Barker's son goes on the run after being arrested for alleged child pornography offenses. Adam Barker, 38, was arrested as part of the Operation Ore child porn sweep in July last year (the same one that got Pete Townshend), and was about to be formally charged when he skipped bail. Barker had minor acting roles in films including Shakespeare In Love and Tomorrow Never Dies.

Meanwhile, two more suspected paedophiles have committed suicide in the wake of Australia's recent child pornography sweep, bringing the total to 6. Those charged in the sweep have included teachers, ministers of religion and an owner of a network of child-care centres.

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Posted by: Ben-Baba Ali Gazebo http:// Fri Oct 8 11:46:52 2004

Even funnier, they've arrested a few cops for taking bribes to warn suspects ahead of time that they were going to be arrested, apparently a racket they had been running for some time:

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