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The Hypo-Allergenic Cat

A company in the US is planning to start marketing genetically engineered hypo-allergenic cats for people who suffer from cat allergies. The cats will cost US$3,500 (indexed for inflation) and will be available in 2007; of course, to protect Allerca's intellectual property, the cats will come pre-neutered (think of it as genetic rights management). Interested parties can reserve one by ponying up US$250, which also gets them an "attractive personalized Reservation Certificate". Allerca are planning to expand into other species of "lifestyle pets" (perhaps an odorless, non-salivating dog could be in the works?) (via /.)

There are 3 comments on "The Hypo-Allergenic Cat":

Posted by: beTh Wed Oct 27 08:10:32 2004

Oh please. 'Lifestyle pets'? Lock me in a room with Allerca and a pair of trained but rabid ferrets.

Posted by: Graham Wed Oct 27 08:57:32 2004

Pet rocks. The future. You heard it here first.

Posted by: greatcathy http:// Thu Oct 28 00:04:06 2004

No - this has got to be a hoax