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U2 vs. Negativland iPod

The U2 vs. Negativland iPod, a strictly unofficial extra-limited-edition black iPod, consisting of an U2 iPod preloaded with the Negativland back-catalogue and with a book on the consequences of the U2-vs.-Negativland sampling lawsuit, in a special commemorative box. Only one has been produced (by an artist in Brooklyn), and all proceeds from its eBay sale go to copyright reform group Downhill Battle. (via bOING bOING)

There are 2 comments on "U2 vs. Negativland iPod":

Posted by: datakid http:// Wed Dec 1 23:23:59 2004

never has something on ebay made me so happy. I'd love this for xmas. Hint hint.

Posted by: acb Thu Dec 2 00:07:04 2004

Sorry, mate, but I'm unemployed and paying London rent/bills with Australian pesos.

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