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Fo'sheezy parcheesi

William Safire looks at current youth slang (via gths). Though I thought that "crunk" meant parent-scaringly extreme in an aggressively sexualised way, like one of the growing numbers of porn videos by rappers, rather than merely "crazy drunk". (And does anybody actually use "dropping the kids off at the pool"? It sounds about as contrived as "crimping off a length".)

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Posted by: lisa Mon Dec 6 14:08:04 2004

my more trendy club going friends started using the word "cronked" to signify extremely drunk. i'm betting now that it was crunk -> cr0nk or something silly like that.

the one i still don't get is the term i only heard in southern california: "grip", meaning a lot of something.

"dude, that guy owes me a grip'a cash" or "i brought a grip'a dope rekkids tonight"

most of the time, the "grip" is referring to something larger than one could hold in one's hand... hmm...

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