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Thriller tourists fatigue French

French-American relations have suffered another blow, thanks to Paris being inundated with tourists looking for scenes from the Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown's repackaging of The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail in thriller form. When told that the places depicted in the book don't hide the secrets of the Holy Grail and the Merovingian bloodline of Jesus, many tourists become abusive and accuse their guides of covering up the truth for the Catholic Church. Or just steal the signs pointing out that the Da Vinci Code is fiction.

In other news, the EFF is not actually an anarchist terrorist group. (No, that'd be the Cypherpunks mailing list.)

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Posted by: Steff http:// Mon Dec 6 22:02:24 2004

Yuh well, if the Jews hadn't murdered Christ, and if the Catholic Church (along with the insidious French Government) wasn't covering up all traces of the authentic relics, and if the WORLD would only listen to Dan Brown's disclosure of these secrets kept from the innocent public yearning for a sign of their saviour, and if Tom Clancy didn't continually divulge the machinations of evil powers to overthrow the peaceful and just, why, then and only then should we all turn into heathen cynics. As they say, no cynic ever built a church.

Not quite what the post-structuralists have in mind when they claim the proximity btw reality and fiction, I'm sure. :wink: