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Gotta have those red states...

Surprise of the day: Hollywood's adaptation of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials books will do away with the atheist subtext, making the evil Church into a secular authoritarian organisation of some sort instead.

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Posted by: steff http:// Sat Dec 11 23:12:48 2004

Hmm, while clearly another distortion of the original (and film has been the consistent medium to do this) there's another interesting agenda here: a future conflict btw corporations and religion. Surely the "authoritarian organisation" will be made to resemble a corporate body (with its evil money lending, power hungry usurers at the top). Anytime soon now, the evangelical-ideological push will find a formidable foe in that other great missionary program: global monetarisation, ONE international finance system, etc. The boardroom baddies have certainly featured a fair bit already in recent Hollywood productions. BTW, i would have preferred a BBC production of "His dark materials". But as long as they keep Peter Jackson away from the book I'll be reasonably content - even if i don't see the film.

Posted by: Peter Mon Dec 20 13:27:41 2004

Pullman himself comments: He has lots of interesting stuff to say, and basically confirms that the novels are mainly about authoritarian abuse of power rather than specifically religion (not that he's not an atheist, mind you) and that he trusts New Line Cinema to do a good job...

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