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Touching from a Distance

The biography of Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis, Touching From A Distance, is being made into a film, with Anton Corbijn (the Dutch photographer who directed videos for Depeche Mode, and (I think) made the video of Atmosphere as well) directing and Tony Wilson and Curtis' widow (and author of the biography) Deborah as executive producers.

It's good to hear that it has beaten this highly-marketable piece of shite to the punch.

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Posted by: steve http:// Sun Jan 9 12:40:10 2005

hmmm, interesting, but if it was me i would have neither of those two involved and wouldn't use that book as the basis.

wilson is into hagiography in a big way and never lets a little thing like the truth get in the way of a good story. the book by curtis' widow is a dreary, depressing tale of a wife treated very poorly by an uncaring, self-obsessed and driven husband.

how they will make that into anything vaguely watchable i have no idea.

Posted by: acb Sun Jan 9 13:10:07 2005

Though at least they're going to try and look at Curtis and the reasons he may have killed himself from various angles, rather than trotting out the "tragic romantic" (OMG! hand stapled to forehead) cliche.

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