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Live in Libya

Libyan president-for-life Muamar Gadaffi seems to have taken a leaf out of Fidel Castro's public-relations book; Libya is now hosting tours by indie rock bands; Gadaffi's answer to the Manic Street Preachers is Californian four-piece Heavenly States (who are known for "Bush-baiting" pop-punk with distorted violins, but also for sharing a split single with Coldplay (a band sometimes touted as "like Radiohead before they went weird" but best known for making bland music for thirtysomething ex-indie types to play in their Land Rovers whilst taking the kids to school)).

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Posted by: conrad Wed Jan 12 21:24:57 2005

Man, you nailed Coldplay perfectly. I wonder if I made up an indie rock band, could I get a free tour of North Korea? Fascinating.

Posted by: acb Thu Jan 13 01:07:24 2005

Probably not unless Kim Jong Il personally got into indie music. Though if you became a good chef, you'd stand a decent chance of being invited to cook for him.

Posted by: dj Thu Jan 13 05:57:59 2005

Only if you had a short hair cut.

Posted by: brain http:// Fri Jan 28 17:11:15 2005

If more people had the balls they would have done something like this before. Walk the walk not just talking the talk.