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Cynthia Webster and the Mac Mini Modular

A US company is building a Mac Mini-based modular synthesizer. No, not a softsynth with rendered clickable cables; an actual hardware modular synth with real patch leads, which happens to have a Mac Mini and touch-screen monitor embedded in it. It is not clear if they have actually built one of these yet, though I imagine that with something like Max/MSP or SuperCollider, it could be interesting.

The company appears to be a cottage industry run by someone named Cynthia Webster, who designs and builds modular synths for a living. The site also has a list of women in synthesis, which is probably longer than you'd expect it to be:

It seems most of the women in synthesis today are hailing from Europe... Why is that ? What does this say about our society lately? Any theories out there?

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Posted by: Vadar Sun Aug 9 15:33:43 2009

Now, I don't have any evidence to support this, and I could be completely wrong, but I have a suspicion that Cynthia is a transvestite/trans-sexual.

Have a look at this video footage to see why I think this may be the case.

Nothing wrong with any of this of course, so please don't think I am criticising anybody; just pointing out something.

Posted by: ctime Wed Aug 12 20:31:35 2009

it's a dude

Posted by: R Fri Oct 28 06:18:52 2016

Yeah I believe she wasn't born a woman, but is now. So she might identify as a transwoman :)