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Chocolate Love Sex

It looks like the three Field Mice rereleases from LTM are out today. And I was under the impression that their releases were staggered over a few months or somesuch.

Anyway, I'll probably end up picking them up, for the handful of songs not on the Where'd You Learn To Kiss That Way retrospective released by Shinkansen some years back (now also out-of-print), and also for the liner notes which they are said to have.

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Posted by: Steff http:// Tue Jan 18 02:04:04 2005

Fantastic! Only know their Rough Trade stuff. Another band I discovered recently is Galaxie 500, who sound quite like Field Mice, St Christopher, etc.

Posted by: acb Tue Jan 18 09:46:10 2005

What Rough Trade stuff do you mean? AFAIK, they were only ever signed to Sarah Records.

Posted by: Steff http:// Tue Jan 18 11:53:18 2005

Ooops, Sarah Records, yes, but they came to Germany via Rough Trade Records (which I dcan't expect anybody to know. My bad.) The Rough trade sticker was physically huge on the vinyl sleeves, that's why i have this mnenonic confusion.