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The Amiga comeback starts here

After what seems like ages, the Amiga is on the verge of a comeback... again. This time, it's brought to you by Hyperion, a British company contracted to write Amiga OS4 who had the foresight to get the contract to give them ownership should Amiga Inc. go bankrupt (as it did). Developers can now buy PowerPC-based Amiga boards, which will boot a prerelease of OS4. The article has screenshots, which look like GNOME or Xfce on Linux, except for conspicuous gaps in the range of supported applications (for one, there are no modern standards-compliant web browsers for Amiga OS4).

The target market for the prerelease is ostensibly developers wishing to get a head start on the next killer platform, though in practice it may well be nostalgic Amiga users and/or collectors of world-changing machines from alternate timelines wishing to put an AmigaOne Micro next to their NeXT Cube, BeBox and Acorn Archimedes. The jury is still out on which is cooler: the AmigaOne Micro or the C-One.

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Posted by: TheAMgaOne http:// Tue Jan 25 23:19:42 2005

Could you PLEASE get your facts right

1. Hyperion-Entertainment are a Belgium company and not british.

2. Amiga Inc. has not gone bankrupt, but will give Hyperion Entertainment and KMOS the full rights of OS4 in the event they did. Amiga Inc are concentrating on AmigaDE for the embedded platforms.

The AmigaOne boards have been out for the past couple of years, yet only bundled with debian linux. Now all future sales will have an preRelease version of OS4 which is upgradable via Hyperions website to full OEM edition, as it comes out.

You cannot compare the GUI to any other OS except AmigaOS, as it has all the look and feel and speed as the past AmigaOS, but now enharnced .

In terms of web browsers, agreed there are no currently CSS browsers but there is AWEB, the open source browser, IBrowse which is currently in beta stages with CSS. Also the is a $8000 Bounty for the first team who ports Mozilla to the platform funded by DiscretFX and donations.

Yours faithfully


Proud ow

Posted by: acb Wed Jan 26 15:57:54 2005

Let me know when the Amiga platform does what other modern OSes do, and is of interest to people who don't have an emotional interest in the Amiga marque. Until then, it's just another nifty hobbyist OS.

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