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50 Most Loathsome in America

A magazine called the Buffalo Beast has a list of The 50 Most Loathsome Americans of 2004; featuring odious right-wingers, spineless Democrats, moronic celebrities and others, written up in gonzo-rant style.
Toby Keith: The worst kind of proud-to-be-brainwashed dolt, one who feels he should express himself. The fact that this ambulatory hamburger's opinions were ever given public forum is an indictment of our entire civilization and all human history leading up to this point.
Every role (Halle Berry) takes will be hailed as another milestone in civil rights history by virtue of her barely discernible smattering of African DNA, when in reality her success only underscores our nations incapacity to accept a truly black actress.
Dick Cheney: So visibly evil that all of the documented evidence against him is superfluous. The kind of guy who starts talking cannibalism the minute he steps on the lifeboat.

There are 2 comments on "50 Most Loathsome in America":

Posted by: Steff http:// Sat Jan 29 22:52:03 2005

What gives me pause to think is the fact that I don't even know half of the ppl on that list. But that was in another world, and the queen is dead...

Posted by: Ben Whiteman http:// Sun Jan 30 11:58:34 2005

Yeah yeah yeah everyone's a political scientist. I especially liked no. 3 on the list 'you' (me?), the ignorant fat middle American who doesn't realise his views are all wrong and the author's are correct.

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