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She's Lost Control

Here you will find an electroclash cover of Joy Division's She's Lost Control, with vocals by Siobhan Fahey. It's credited to "Agent Provocateur", which is not the name of a new Client/Adult-style electrocoolsie duo, but actually refers to the British lingerie chain, who apparently commissioned it as a promotional item or somesuch.

Which takes the idea of corporations as authors and music as a work for hire to a new level. Well, not entirely; apparently, one of the biggest pop groups in Thailand a few years ago was an enterprise owned and operated by PepsiCo., with musicians, songwriters and personnel hired by corporate managers, and then there was the extended mix of that Coca-Cola jingle which was in the charts in the 1990s. Or perhaps it's more like sponsorship; the track has no references to the brand or lingerie (though could perhaps be a suitable soundtrack to BDSM games whilst wearing such), and sounds much like the usual sort of hard-edged electrohouse you'd hear in Prahran or Hoxton or wherever the beautiful people congregate in their punk-themed designer clothes.

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Posted by: mrsmalkav http:// Sun Jan 30 23:51:21 2005

the video was pretty fun. the hott dita von teese stripping down into pasties and a very eager shrub lookalike. too bad i can't find it anymore :(

Posted by: threeze Mon Jan 31 11:39:25 2005

mrs brian warner. i hate that guy.

Posted by: acb Mon Jan 31 11:55:24 2005

Agreed; he seems to give off a viscerally repulsive vibe, like some unpleasant disease one might catch in the toilet cubicles at a goth club. It's like all the meticulous make-up and Vivienne Westwood suits and lofty Weimar-cabaret concepts ("ooh, look at me, I'm an intellectual!") cannot mask the miasma of festering rancidity that emanates from every pore of Marilyn Manson, persona and concept.

Posted by: toby http:// Mon Jan 31 11:59:59 2005

If you can get it to work (it's rather pedantic about wanting netscape 4.7.x or IE) the video is here: