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What do you think of the cool set in London?

I just watched an episode of Nathan Barley. It's rather amusing; a sitcom set among a bunch of obnoxious coolsie wide-boys in some trendy part of London. They run in-your-face web sites and magazines (there's one named RAPE, which may or may not be a reference to Vice, present employers of Jim "Answer Me!" Goad), rap Streets-style over distorted beats, either take lots of drugs or act like it, wear ridiculous clothes and generally go around being insufferable twats to all concerned. It's written by Chris Morris, who also did controversial satirical TV series Brass Eye and wrote the lyrics to Stereolab's Nothing To Do With Me.

There are 2 comments on "What do you think of the cool set in London?":

Posted by: Graham Sun Feb 20 15:31:48 2005

Not so much wrote the lyrics as the 'Lab adapted one of his pices, but hey.

Nathan Barley was the main character of "Cunt" in the spoof TV listings thingy, which was put together by Charlie Brooker. Funny that they've made a real TV show out of the idea...

Posted by: Simstim Mon Feb 21 12:29:04 2005

I was disappointed, it wasn't very funny and Nathan himself seems to have lost his nasty edge that he had in TVGoHome (which I loved for making the linkage between hedonism and nihilism so explicit).

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