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An afternoon in Hyde Park

Seen at Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park this afternoon:
Christian Atheism

He didn't speak, though did spend some time staking out a corner with his eclectic collection of signs and printed materials. For some reason, nobody seems to have gone up to him and asked about the finer points of Christian Atheism.

One of his signs:

A bit further on, a chap in a baseball hat was either waving or threatening to burn an American flag; a crowd had gathered around him and were remonstrating vigorously with him. Not far from there, Cory Doctorow and his posse of copyright-policy troublemakers had set up and addressed the crowd on the evils of the broadcast flag and WIPO treaties.

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Posted by: steff Mon Feb 28 09:34:07 2005

Ah well that Doctorow and his posse of INTELLIGENCE MONGERERS. Needless to say, I'm intrigued about the proposal for an atheist christian congregation. I smell a hoax...?

Posted by: datakid http:// Mon Feb 28 11:53:51 2005 in hobart, taswegia, this is exactly the stuff I crave - freaks like tasmanians....

I love a wacky protest....bring on aetheist christians next!

Posted by: Alexander Mon Feb 28 23:10:57 2005

Does the sign in the last photo say "London Copyfighters - (D)runken Brunch and Talking Shop"? What's that supposed to mean?

Posted by: acb Mon Feb 28 23:16:10 2005

It does. It's an informal gathering of people interested in issues of copyright, open access to information and such.

Posted by: Graham Thu Mar 3 14:46:46 2005

Cory scares me.

Posted by: mitch http:// Fri Mar 4 22:25:07 2005

I thought that sign said CHRISTIANITY CREATED CAPITALISM, IT MUST NOT DESTROY IT, which would have been more interesting.

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