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Truth in music

The Chinese government is considering a law banning lip-syncing in live performances, on the grounds that it is equivalent to selling fake goods. Who would have thought of China's government as a bastion of Rockism?

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Posted by: dj Tue Mar 8 23:56:54 2005

It is the will of the people. Socialism is in harmony with authenticity.

Posted by: acb Wed Mar 9 08:56:21 2005

Unrelenting war on fakeness under the dictatorship of the proletariat and such, right?

Posted by: dj Thu Mar 10 01:57:11 2005

Yes - maintaining integrity and honesty is the humble task of the Party, the tool of the People's will. 'The people' seem to get more of a mention than the proletariat, probably the influence of Maoism. I was listening to some Chinese 'delegates' talking about a vote the other day, and they were very keen to stress that 'the people' wanted the bill to pass.