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Hitchhiker's Guide

Apparently, the new Hitchhiker's Guide film really sucks:
This just doesnt feel like Hitchhikers Guide. Theres no sense of a big crazy universe packed with weird lifeforms that somehow reflects our own world. Hitchhikers Guide has always been a Swift-ian satire but the makers of the movie have decided to ditch all that and replace it with pointless surrealism and crude physical comedy.

(Please say it's not packed out with standard Hollywood-issue gross-out bodily-function gags.)

There are quite a few nods to Douglas Adams himself and although these go some way to making up for the almost complete absence of his name from the publicity, surely a better way of paying tribute to this much-loved, much-missed author would be to not fuck about with the sublimely witty dialogue that he sweated blood to create.

And here is a list of things not in the film.

There are 5 comments on "Hitchhiker's Guide":

Posted by: threeze Sun Apr 10 23:41:09 2005

Empire doesn't seem to hate it very much at all:

Posted by: steff Mon Apr 11 00:12:12 2005

Incidentally, some of the characters have their own blogs. For more inf. see here:

Posted by: Graham Mon Apr 11 06:44:08 2005

Fanboy bitching YAY!

Posted by: Graham Mon Apr 18 02:11:45 2005

Oh yeah, and people had a go at the guy about his review and he's imploded.

What a softcock.

Posted by: Bidness http:// Sat Apr 23 00:45:05 2005

Hey, remember, most people who post reviews on the web of films are rotund virgins who live with their mothers.

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