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No-chav dress code

Seen on the front of a bar in Soho:

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Posted by: Graham Mon Apr 18 01:53:34 2005

I had to look up Burberry at Wikipedia.

Posted by: steff Mon Apr 18 08:57:33 2005

Irony is out and authentic distaste is in?

Posted by: acb Mon Apr 18 09:52:49 2005

They made/make quite classy trenchcoats; it's just that the brand got picked up by chavs and football hooligans, and the company decided to capitalise on that by making baseball caps and such for their new clientele. As such, the brand is forever associated with yobs here.

I believe that in Australia they still sell it as an upmarket British gentlemens' fashion line (presumably not the caps though).

Posted by: Graham Mon Apr 18 15:30:25 2005

Ah right. I was under the impression that chavs wore mainly athletic/thuglife gear, a la the "yeah but no but yeah" character in Little Britain...

Posted by: acb Mon Apr 18 17:08:13 2005

Yes, that and Burberry. Like all bling-obsessed nouveau-riche, they're keen on luxury brand names.

Posted by: Mark http:// Mon Apr 18 22:23:03 2005

I can certainly understand the disgust associated with Burberry, being an overused/abused apparel pattern. So, is the sign meant to repel snobs or chavs, which are snobs in their own right? And isn't the sign an indication of snobishness?

Posted by: acb Mon Apr 18 23:42:43 2005

Chavs aren't really snobs, more like bogans crossed with wiggaz.

See also:

Posted by: Paulo http:// Fri Apr 22 09:08:25 2005

That's Burberry: <img src=""/>

Posted by: Paulo http:// Fri Apr 22 09:14:13 2005

By the way, the site from which the image come from is insane ... Sorry to post twice.

Posted by: videlicet http:// Tue Apr 26 21:12:01 2005,,SB111395278030911369-IhjgINjlaF4m52vanmIa6uAm5,00.html

Bawdy British Ads Target Hot Youth 'Chavs' Déclassé Image, Free-Spending Ways Draw Unilever, Groupe Danone By ROBERT GUY MATTHEWS

LONDON – Some new television and magazine ads here are so bawdy and laden with crude jokes that it almost looks like teenage boys took over creative duties at the advertising agencies.

Actually, some big marketers, such as Unilever and Groupe Danone, are just trying to appeal to chavs, a demographic long overlooked by marketers. Chav, a term widely used in Britain, refers to young men and women who mix flashy brands and accessories from big names like Burberry with track suits. Their style icons include soccer star David Beckham and his wife, Victoria, who was known as Posh Spice as a member of the Spice Girls pop group.

"Chav is normally used to describe a young, lower-class person who typically behaves in a brash or loutish way and who wears designer clothes," says a spokes

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