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Watching the gated communities

Heavy Trash, an anonymous collective of architects, designers and urban planners opposed to wealthy Americans' retreat into gated communities, has installed Berlin Wall-style viewing platforms at the gates of three such communities in Los Angeles:
"When public services and even local government are privatized, when the community of responsibility stops at the gates, the function and the very idea of democracy are threatened. Gates and barricades that separate people from one another also reduce people's potential to understand one another and commit to any common or collective purpose."
"There are now more than 1 million homes behind such walls in the greater Los Angeles area alone," according to Setha Low, a professor at the City University of New York.

There are 2 comments on "Watching the gated communities":

Posted by: Alexander Fri Apr 29 02:22:01 2005

The closed, gated condominium is the anathema of the city, and culpable of many, many social disorders. Ask any conscious architect.

Posted by: Loki Carbis Sat May 7 02:52:22 2005

Dude, just call them burbclaves and be done with :)

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