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Back to Mine: Pet Shop Boys

I recently picked up the Pet Shop Boys' Back To Mine compilation. It's the same deal as the others; a bunch of tracks selected by the compilers, mixed together into a seamless mix. The interesting thing about this one is that it is a double CD, with one disc selected by each of the Pet Shop Boys.

And they are quite different; Chris Lowe's disc is mostly italo-disco with some gospel and soul, whereas Neil Tennant's tends towards a cool, cerebral mix of contemporary classical and glitchtronica (and, indeed, the sort of thing you might expect to hear on Utility Fog in Sydney or one of the more avant-garde programmes on 3RRR). The one artist they have in common: Dusty Springfield (of course).

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Posted by: Peter Sat May 7 14:10:12 2005

Hey! Much though I do agree that Tennant's set is closer to my taste than Lowe's abominable selection, nevertheless I don't believe there's even *one* track on the Tennant mix that I have played, or quite possibly would ;) I'm a PSB fan, but that ends pretty abruptly around the Very/Relentless album. Either at it or after it, depending on my mood.

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