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Scheduled downtime

Blogging will probably be light for the next few days or so, as I'll be in Australia, visiting family and friends.

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Posted by: datakid http:// Thu May 19 00:10:50 2005

omg! and you just made me send AIH to england? Dude, you better visit me in tassie ;)

Posted by: steff Thu May 19 00:31:44 2005

YOu don't have good access in OZ? You in Melbourne ?

Posted by: acb Thu May 19 22:36:38 2005

Sorry about that; I didn't know I'd be coming to Melbourne until afterward. I'll only be here until Tuesday, and not going outside of Melbourne. Though there are CDs on their way to you from the UK.

(For those wondering, the reason I'm in Melbourne is because of my mum's wedding.)

As for net access, I'm staying with my sister, who has a Windows box wired to an ADSL modem. I think I've scraped the worst of the spyware off it.

Posted by: steff Thu May 19 23:15:46 2005

Heh, ok. I see you are broadbanded in which case my offer to use my dsl connection here (Nth Fitzroy) is rel=nofollow. cheers

Posted by: john http:// Sat May 21 14:09:49 2005

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