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What mobile-phone-related juvenile-delinquency fad could come after "happy slapping"? How about train-dodging, where kids use their camera phones to film themselves playing chicken with trains, and proving how hardc0re they are by staying on the track until the last possible minute, and then post the videos to dedicated train-dodging web sites. Of course, the hardest of the hardcore are the ones who don't jump out of the way like a big girl's blouse, instead choosing to become track chutney (and, rumour has it, extra-valuable video files for trading). Which seems even more Darwinian than the old-sk00l craze of train-surfing.

(And then, one imagines, there are probably those who combine train-dodging with gricing, filming themselves jumping out of the path of trains in the nude.)

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Posted by: mark Sat Jun 11 14:09:07 2005

That's sick. (But then, so many things are. Bloooooooooody kids.)

Y'can imagine people distracted from jumping because they're too busy fiddling with their 'phones, though. I'm kinda torn between sympathy for the poor train driver and wry amusement at the dickhead youths.

Posted by: HazyJayne Sun Jun 12 21:04:48 2005

We can always hope that one of them wins a Darwin Award...

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