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Franz Ferdinand 2

NME/MTV2 art-rockers Franz Ferdinand's latest affectation is to decide that their next album will have the same title and artwork as their first, only in slightly different colours, and their subsequent albums' packaging will differ only by colour scheme. Which probably means that the Future's Burning compilation (a compilation of highly formulaic and stylised NME-favoured "indie"/"art rock"/"new wave of new wave" bands which, ironically enough, was dedicated to John Peel) would be an unofficial part of the series.

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Posted by: Graham Wed Jun 29 16:45:12 2005

Well that could be annoying. I take it then that Franz Ferdinand "II" will have the same songs as the debut, only in a different key. (Boom, tish!)

Posted by: toby http:// Wed Jun 29 23:27:52 2005

T.I.P. records did this with their Colours of Shiva compilation series, and Orbital has done it too.

Posted by: mags Thu Jun 30 01:04:45 2005

mannn graham took the words right outta my mouth!