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CD roundup 2005, part 1

As usual, here is my purely subjective roundup of albums/EPs of the past six months. Some are new, some are older, but all are things I obtained in the past six months and (in the case of things a few years old), by bands I only recently discovered. This list is, of course, completely subjective; you may disagree, but to paraphrase a Lush lyric, maybe you're right but this is my blog. Honourable mentions: Momus, Otto Spooky (a bit of a mixed bag, though has a few exceptional tracks on it); Belle and Sebastian, Push Barman To Open Old Wounds (it's a retrospective compilation and not a new work in its own right, though a good place to go for their many classic single tracks); Doves, Lost Cities (more atmospheric than most of the recent British pop bands, almost going into shoegazing territory in places; whether it's worth importing if your EMI subsidiary corrupts its CDs is another matter, though)

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Posted by: hot soup girl Mon Jul 4 13:10:19 2005

Have you heard Suburban Kids with Biblical Names (also on Labrador).

Some mp3s may be found here:

Posted by: acb Mon Jul 4 13:46:35 2005

I've heard one of the MP3s, which was also on a Labrador compilation (possibly The Sounds Of Young Sweden).