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Symantec censoring email?

It turns out that web filtering software from US company Symantec has been blocking anti-war emails. Mails containing links to were blocked by Symantec's anti-spam software, because the link allegedly received 46,000 complaints. Which means either that all it takes to censor the public's email in the US (and, presumably, other countries which buy Symantec software) is the capacity to send a lot of complaints (which is not hard these days), or that it is Symantec policy to use its power in the marketplace to impose a specific political ideology, à la Wal-Mart. (Does anybody know whether the owners of Symantec have a specific political bias?)

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Posted by: Watermelon Boy Thu Jul 28 00:57:54 2005

I wonder if they received the 46,000 complaints by email. I think it'd take about ten seconds to write a program that sends them 50,000 complaints about the content of

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