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Darker chocolate

The various reviews of Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory look encouraging; it looks like he has neither Americanised it (as, common sense has it, is essential for a story to be universal and sell well) nor turned it into a Gloom Cookie-esque steaming pile of gothsy clichés (the aesthetic, thankfully, seems to owe more to Carnaby Street circa 1967 than Camden High Street circa 2005). It also features Noah "young Adolf Hitler/Nick Cave lookalike" Taylor as Charlie's dad, and they used real squirrels in the filming. Hmmm...

Another thing I didn't know until today: that the Childcatcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was created by Roald Dahl, who worked on the script for that film.

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Posted by: Graham Fri Jul 29 16:13:28 2005

Well, it's good that Noah's getting work, but it bothers me that he's playing dads now...

Posted by: acb Fri Jul 29 16:26:52 2005

It happens as one gets older.

Wasn't Toni Colette playing mums a few years ago?

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